I've been lucky enough to have some of the best teachers available throughout my life. Everyone from my very first teachers who painstakingly taught me to read rhythm, to my teachers in college who taught me to listen and play in ways I couldn't have imagined. I want to deliver that knowledge, along with everything else I've managed to pick up over the last 25 years as a drummer to you. 

Why 'coaching' and not 'teaching?' 

As I mentioned, I've had some phenomenal teachers. But the best teachers are more than that. They're not just 'teaching' you things. Music is so much more than 'things.' The best teachers I've had were in my corner, rooting for me every step of the way. The information didn't come from lesson plans. It came from their deep knowledge of the information, combined with their deep knowledge of me as a person and drummer. That's a coach. And that's precisely who I want to be for you. 

With 2 different memberships available, we'll be able to spend the right amount of time together fine tuning what it is you need to progress. I'll learn about your goals, strengths, weaknesses, fears, crutches, pitfalls and more. You'll learn the same about me. We'll cry. A lot. I mean A LOT. Ok, maybe we won't cry. I guess time will tell. 

Why I love teaching.

I've always loved watching students progress, but it wasn't until recently that I began to develop my own concept for drum instruction. It doesn't involve fancy products I'll sell you, or "hacks" for becoming super great, super fast. It involves progressions, patience and honesty. 


Progressions aren't new to the standard canon of drum instruction. Whether it's Roy Burns, Jim Chapin, Ted Reed, George Lawrence Stone or Alan Dawson, most of us have gone through at one of their progressions at some point. The problem is, they're rarely presented as such. It's important to see the long term while working your short game. Everything we practice should be a link in a chain that we're carefully and specifically collecting. 

I have developed a myriad of progressions spanning countless topics: jazz drumming, polyrhythms, double bass drumming, hand technique, genre vocabulary, sound development, general musicality and more much. 


What's Distance Learning With Me Like?

Awful. Turn back now. Just kidding. I think. 

Depending which membership track you choose, we will exchange videos specific to your needs. After a quick getting-to-know-each-period, I'll have a strong understanding of your abilities, goals and practice capabilities. Armed with this information, I will be able to craft precise progressions for you achieve your goals efficiently and musically. 

Here's the thing...

If you want to learn how to play fast, I want to teach you how to play fast. I mean, come on. We are drummers, after all. 

But I also want you to know when and why to use that skill. The 'how' is merely a jumping off point. The 'why' and 'when' are what separate drummers from musicians. Believe me, I love nothing more than to play along to Tony Williams, Virgil Donati, Vinnie Colaiuta and Chris Pennie. Thing is, those guys, and lots more of our heroes, are far more than their gas pedals. They're thinkers. Listeners. Givers. That's what I strive for for myself, and for you. 

What Will We Work On?

On one hand, that's up to you. I have a very subtle agenda which I push in ways you may not notice at first. 

-Technique: I was lucky enough to study with Joe Morello. Technique is a very important part of my approach to drums and coaching. If not a focal point, it will be a significant part of your practice sessions. 

-Styles: People ask me "What genres do you play?" I always respond the same way. "I make myself responsible for every style that has a drum set." Rock, Country, Jazz, Pop, Brazilian Music, Electronic and more. If you'd like to fine tune one of these styles, or up your game in all of them, we will create a suitable plan to attack these goals. 

-Improvising: On tunes, open form and more. 

-Brushes, double kick and everything in between. 

-Advanced Rhythmic Concepts: I don't nerd out on much. But rhythm...oh man...